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Over the next couple of months a ton of folks are going to be searching for recipes to serve up this holiday season. With so many food/recipe sites to choose from it’s sometimes easy to forget about the grassroots ones.. like us!

Countless corporate food sites have great recipes, unlimited marketing budget and hundreds of people running them, but they don’t have you and me!  Will they email you back at 3am when you can’t log in or welcome you with a friendly hello when they see a familiar screen name?  No… they won’t. That’s why it’s important to send a message to them. It’s not about how food is arranged on the plate.. it’s about the flavor and friends around you as you enjoy the meal.

This holiday season remind your friends and family that home baked cookies are always better than store bought! Support grassroots recipe and food bloggers like us and help spread the word. Please forward this page to your friends and bookmark it.

If you’re a GRASSROOTS food site  and want to invite other foodies to come and support you, post a comment below with your URL and tell us in a sentence about your blog. Please link back to this post on your blog and show your support for the other sites that are joining our cause! We’ll be promoting this page to our members on BakeSpace as a one-stop shop for grassroots food site this holiday season!

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  1. November 8 7:17 pm

    I just found the Design Crush blog to have many great links to recipe and foodie blogs!

  2. November 8 9:14 pm

    We’re a vegan baking community with recipes, articles, webshows, tips and a forum for people to compare notes and share knowledge. Join us!

  3. November 10 3:06 pm

    Sometimes interesting, often strange but always tasty.

  4. November 27 9:38 pm

    My honey and I avoid meat and gluten… but mostly we want easy-to-make, nearly free, delicious food, and we want to share it with others.


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