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While  love true cooking shows like Iron Chef and Kitchen Nightmares, I also love shows like Desperate Housewives and Pushing Daisies where food plays a big part in the storyline. (Let’s hope Pushing Daisies doesn’t get canceled!!) For me, it’s really fun creating profiles with the various shows on BakeSpace. Here are a few from profiles:

Julie & Julia’s Kitchen

Julie & Julia BakeSpace Kitchen

Julie & Julia BakeSpace Kitchen has teamed up with Sony Pictures and “Julie & Julia” – the much anticipated new film starring Meryl Streep as culinary icon Julia Child, and Amy Adams as a New York blogger who transforms her life while attempting to make all the recipes in Child’s landmark 1961 cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

Check out our recipes, videos & join our network of friends! If you are one of the lucky 120 members who received advanced screening passes from, join us after you see the film & tell us what you think of the film and share your experience with others foodies.

Earlier this month we gave away 120 tickets to advance screenings across the U.S. If you haven’t checked out the film, it’s in theaters now.

Desperate Housewives

Desperate HousewivesIt is often said that variety is the spice of life. And what’s life without a little spice to keep things interesting?

The kitchens on Wisteria Lane are no exception. And it is there, along with the spice racks and handwritten recipes cards, that the rich and varied personalities of everyone’s favorite TV housewives can be found. Each of their juicy recipes and saucy kitchen tips listed below gives us a glimpse into their true selves.

Are you a fan of the show? If so, ask your favorite “Desperate Housewives” to join your BakeSpace network of friends so you’ll get their recipes automatically added to your kitchen.

Word of warning … with friends like these, you’re bound to get into some culinary mischief.

Pushing Daisies

WELCOME TO THE PIE HOLE – Serving Delicious Pies since 2007 in the small, cozy town of Coeur d’Coeurs.

The expression “pie in the sky” entered popular culture in 1911. It refers to a dessert so sweet it can only be found in “heaven,” which is exactly how customers describe treats at this “googie esque eatery.”

Not in the mood for pie? The “gorgeous honey crusted exterior” will change that, as “the place looks edible itself.” The interior will have you thinking Jetsons and “soda fountains of yesteryear.”

With fruit so ripe it tastes “like it was plucked at the height of its bloom” and baked right on the spot. “Service is snarky,” and waitstaff suggestions are “always on point.” “Go with your sweet tooth,” and “a la mode is a la recommended.” “If you’re craving something before you die, dine where Ned, the Pie Maker, makes his pies.”

Grey’s Anatomy

Ugly Betty

Movies We’ve Done:

Waitress (Jenna / Becky)

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