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Are you a member of BakeSpace? If so, leave a comment on what you think about our community. Share your thoughts. Join the conversation!

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  1. November 5 11:06 am

    Anyone who knows me knows how much I love bakespace! Not only have I found a group of avid cooks but they are also amazing people. The bakespace community has become a part of my family. Even my boyfriend knows the names of my forum friends. The great part about this is that some of us have been lucky enough to have met in person and we had a blast! Thanks Babette for giving us the place to meet, swap recipes and make lifelong friends!!!

  2. November 8 1:37 pm

    Phew! I finally made it through the gauntlet of food-hazing craziness to become a fillet-a-fied member at! Babette is ruthless! I mean, come on, push-ups in a pickle patch? What a reader won’t do to become a member at (Not to mention the blind folded bobbing for cactus.)
    All of that aside, if you haven’t added this site to your RSS Feed-Reader, than consider yourself warned. Nothing but the coolest foodies hang out here. So be here, or be talked about! (And if you don’t know what a Feed Reader is, get yur head outta yur crockpot)

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