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Join Our Virtual Wine Tour

January 6

wine tour 1
Do you enjoy a good glass of wine? If so, check out the BakeSpace Virtual Wine Tour.
Each month, members select another wine to try, and then post photos, reviews and suggested food pairings.

Recent wine tours include:

November Virtual Wine Tour: MALBEC

wine3BakeSpace Member Joy: “Well, I can’t say that I hated it – the bottle is half gone (LOL). But it wasn’t nearly as sweet as the wine I’m used to. In fact, I had a glass of my usual wine after this one and it tasted like super sweet candy! The Malbec is very smooth and tasted nothing like I expected based on its aroma. It smelled very fruity – I could pick out the plum. It made my mouth feel slightly dry and I could taste the spicy notes at the end of the swallow (sorry about the novice lingo!).” Read Joy’s complete Malbec Wine Review

December Virtual Wine Tour: SHIRAZ

wine 2BakeSpace Member Spryte: “Jon and I had three different bottles of Shiraz. Jon thought our first bottle tasted sour. I thought it tasted like wine and couldn’t help making a yucky face. Would we buy it again? Probably not. Our second bottle… very mellow after gherkin, nicer with blue cheese & gouda… not sweet…. YUCK with chocolate. I did like the Shiraz better than Malbec mixed with 7Up to make a wine cooler!” Read Spryte’s complete Shiraz Wine Review

Wine Tasting Tour Giveaway

penquin wine openerSpecial thanks to the folks at Penguin Corkscrew for sponsoring our ongoing Wine Tasting Tour Giveaway. During the next several months, the best review posted in our Virtual Wine Tasting Tour (as determined by fellow BakeSpace members) will receive a nifty Penguin Corkscrew, which retails for $49.99. We’ve given it a try and can tell you that this corkscrew is really top notch. Join BakeSpace’s Virtual Wine Tasting Tour for your chance to win.

Check out the Virtual Wine Tasting Tour


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