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Recipes from ABC’s Pushing Daisies

December 10
"Pushing Daisies" on BakeSpace

"Pushing Daisies" on BakeSpace

One of our favorite partners on BakeSpace is ABC – not just because we’re huge fans of their shows, but because lots of their shows focus on food. You remember in “Desperate Housewives” when Bree broke into Catherine’s house because she “had to have that lemon meringue pie?” (FYI, here’s the recipe.) Or when the Chuck from “Pushing Daisies” bakes a gorgeous pie for her aunts. You can almost taste the flaky pie crust.

Food connects people. We can find recipes in the the paper, in our magazines, on the tv, just about anywhere there’s a great conversation, there’s someone sharing a meal together. That’s why I always get excited when a new episode is going to air. If you’re a “Pushing Daisies” fan, check out the Pie Hole profile on BakeSpace, grab a great pie recipe and watch the show tonight! 🙂

Pushing Daisies Recipes


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