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Virtual Cookie Swap

December 8

Urban Cookies - Cookie Giveaway!The holidays are here, and there’s no better way to get into the spirit than by sharing homemade cookies.

So help us celebrate all week long by uploading cookie recipes, sharing this newsletter with friends and competing in our Urban Cookies giveaway.

And don’t forget … “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”


While cookies are always best straight from the oven, you may want to prepare them in-advance to enjoy later. Here are a few tips from BakeSpace members for how to store and preserve your cookie creations well after Santa leaves town.

DDPie:”I bake a double batch of each type of cookie. I then divide each batch into dozens, wrap them in saran wrap and store them in gallon-sized zip lock bags with the type of cookie marked on the bag. When I have people over, I simply take out a bag of each type of cookie, arrange them on a festive tray and viola! My work is done.”

Eric: “To keep flavors from changing or blending with others, try packing cookies in different containers or wrap the different types separately within a container.”

Jason: “Once cookies are made and cooled, certain types (like chocolate chip and other such cookies) can be frozen and defrosted with little loss of quality. A short time in the microwave softens them, and a quick pop in the oven at low temperature crisps them up again.

If cookies start to get a bit stale, try tossing a slice of white bread into the storage container; the moisture in the bread will transfer to the cookies. An unglazed terra cotta tile soaked in water works even better (it’s also good for keeping brown sugar soft and pliable). This technique can squeeze a little more life out of a batch of cookies, but it’s not a substitute for fresh-baked.”

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