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Fall Apple Recipes

December 3
Caramel Apple Semifreddo by Piday (BakeSpace Member)

Caramel Apple Semifreddo by Piday (BakeSpace Member)

While everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we sometimes forget that apples are the foundation for all sorts of great recipes.

Tips for cooking & baking with apples:

Before you start – You can increase shelf life and prevent spoilage by waiting to wash apples until just before you use them. It’s best to store them in a cool place, such as the fruit/vegetable drawer in your refrigerator. In general, firmer, juicier apples like Gala and Fuji will last longer than softer apples like Red and Golden Delicious.

Be selective – If you’re using apples to bake a pie, choose varieties that are naturally sweet and a bit on the tart side such as Gravenstein, Grimes Golden, Jonathan or Newton. It’s usually best to use a mixture of at least a few different types. If you’re making a salad, try using sweeter varieties such as Gala or Red Delicious.

Avoid browning – Dipping sliced apples in lemon juice, ascorbic acid or cold, lightly salted water will help them retain their color by slowing down the browning process.

Do the math – Three medium-sized apples yield about one pound of “whole apples,” three cups of “diced apples” or 2-3/4 cups of “sliced apples.” Filling for a nine-inch pie typically requires six to eight medium apples. Two pounds of apples will make about three cups of applesauce.

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