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Fall Fruit Week at BakeSpace – Banana Recipes

December 1
Oh so yummy Banana Cake! by Vanity (BakeSpace Member)

Oh so yummy Banana Cake! by Vanity (BakeSpace Member)

The holiday season is officially here, and that means holiday parties with perhaps a bit too much egg nog.

The most common cause of the dreaded holiday hangover is dehydration and depletion of potassium.

So if you’re out partying and want to avoid a hangover, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat a banana before heading to bed. With more than 450 mg. of potassium per serving, bananas are second only to avocados as a source of potassium. They’re also a natural antacid that can help you get rid of a nasty case of heartburn.

Today marks the start of Fall Fruit Week at BakeSpace, and this post is dedicated appropriately to amazing banana recipes.

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