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Crock-Pot Tip – How to Clean a Stinky House

November 7
Photo & Recipe by Peabod (BakeSpace Member)

Photo & Recipe by Peabod (BakeSpace Member)

As the holiday season kicks into gear, it can be hard to find the time to make a hearty home cooked meal. Try this recipe… (pictured)

Did you know you can also use a crock-pot to clean your home?

Clearing a “stinky” house: Cooking fish or other odorous foods can really foul up the house. But don’t despair… there’s a quick and simple remedy.

Try this tip: Forget the chemical air fresheners, and save the scented candles for a romantic night. Instead, use your crock pot to help clear the air in no time. Simply fill your crock-pot two-thirds of the way with water, drop in a few sprigs of rosemary and turn up the heat. The sweet smelling steam will spread quickly and make your house smell great.

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One Comment
  1. November 7 5:32 pm

    We were given some fresh rosemary from a family member’s garden not long ago. I hung it up like mistletoe, but that didn’t warrant any drive-by smooches. Left on a plate in the family room didn’t do much for the air (unless you did a close, walk-by sniffing).
    I like the crock pot action. Much steamier than hanging it in the doorway.
    Blog on.

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