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Potato Recipes and Tips

November 7
Pan-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Bacon

Recipe and Photo by Elly (BakeSpace Member)

Potatoes are fun to cook with because they’re incredibly versatile. Whether you mash, fry, bake, broil or whip, potatoes are a staple on many dinner tables around the world.

Kitchen Tip …

Keeping mashed potatoes warm when serving: The problem with making a large batch of home-cooked mashed potatoes for the holidays is that they tend to cool down a lot quicker than the rest of your meal.

Try this tip: Pour the hot water from your boiled potatoes into the serving bowl you plan to use, and set the bowl aside. While you peel, slice, cut and smash the potatoes, the water you poured into the serving bowl will keep it warm. When you’re ready to serve, pour out the water, dry off the bowl and add your potatoes. This will help keep your potatoes warm for serving during the meal.

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